METRO Green Plan!

Because we love the environment!

At METRO supermarkets we love the earth and we know it! We’re green and we show it! Our new tree-hugger style is all part of our company-wide social responsibility program, which took root in May pun intended!

The goal of our program is to make METRO stores even more environmentally friendly than they already are. To that end, we have taken drastic measures and made loads of changes and additions, such as offering affordable reusable shopping bags to reduce the use of disposable plastic ones, installing solar panels at all of our locations, participating in recycling and in local tree plantinginitiatives. We’ve also put up informational signs in our aisles to help you learn more about the various kinds of recyclable packaging you’ll be taking home with you when you shop at METRO.

The METRO Earth-Friendly Shopping Bag
You can help save the environment too! So, the next time you’re at the check out, join the group effort that’s well underway, and use less plastic bags by grabbing a durable and reusable METRO Earth Bag and filling it up to the brim! Available in two beautiful designs for only €2 or with 200 of your METROcard points. (200 points are given as a gift to each new METROcard member)

The Plastic Shopping Bag:

is produced in just 1 second,
is used for only 20 minutes max,
can pollute our environment for hundreds of years!
It’s been estimated that roughly 100 billion tons of plastic is currently floating on the surface of the ocean.

Our Commitment to Going Green

  • Introduction of environmentally-friendly shopping bags to reduce use of traditional plastic shopping bags
  • Replacement of all our plastic shopping bags with bags made of recyclable polythene
  • Solar panel installation in all our METRO locations
  • Recycling all cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials used in our superstores
  • Tree-planting by METRO staff once a year, in collaboration with the Cyprus Department of Forests.
  • Construction of all new METRO locations conforms to ecological standards and practices
  • Addition of fuel efficient vehicles to our fleet in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Upgrading our refrigeration and climate control systems to phase out the use of HCFCs
  • Full cooperation with Green Dot Cyprus
  • Introduction of additional produce varieties at our farm in Lemesos to reduce the need for imports
  • Buying and sourcing locally

Is plastic bag our choice?

1 trillion of plastic bags are produced every year worldwide.

Most of them end up in the environment and our oceans.

1.000 years are needed for a plastic bag to disintegrate.   

1 million sea birds and 100.000 mammals are dying from plastic consumption every year.

46.000 plastics bags are found in average in every square mile of the oceans. 

Plastic pollution in the oceans are 257 times the size of Cyprus. 

The METRO multi-use shopping bags are here to offer a better option.

Every time one uses a multi-use bag at the till, it is a minus one plastic bag in our oceans.

Select the bag that serves your personal needs.  You can find all METRO multi-use shopping bags at the till of all METRO stores.

Discover how METRO Trolley Bags make shopping more convenient. here (video)

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