Our philosophy

In a few words...

At METRO the people count!

The Cypriot supermarket METRO is our home away from home. Since October 1982 when our journey first began with the very first METRO Foods Ltd location in Larnaca, we’ve grown into a company that you know and trust without hesitation. With our customers, the guests in our home, we have built a solid relationship steeped in trust and reciprocity as well as with our staff, suppliers, and other partners. At METRO supermarkets in Cyprus, you count... the customer!

For the past three decades, we have made sure to keep our stores hospitable and meticulous, providing only the best and highest quality of tested, competitively priced products, food, and beverages. We make sure to provide the most modern facilities, using the latest technology for your upmost convenience. The layout and space of our stores were specifically developed after years of experience, interaction, and close kept relationships with suppliers and other partners. Because of this, our areas are full of life, carefully maintained and operated, functioning just like a well-oiled machine; tireless, loyal, friendly, warm, and hardworking. Most of our own people know now for many years... that we are an honor to them just as they are an honor to us-with their presence.

Today METRO supermarkets are indeed modern, yet with a certain subtlety, accompanied by a focus on the community and a solemn respect for the guests in our home away from home- our valued customers. We are relentlessly continuing to improve, to evolve and to offer you more, but most of all to listen to your needs. Our supermarket chains strive daily to make our country proud, and to deservingly compete with other European chains that have made their way to our shores. We strive for and implement the highest standards of sanitation and safety, utilizing only the latest technological means for modernizing our facilities and continuously recruiting for our top-notch staff.

We are the Cypriot supermarket METRO and this is our philosophy. Because...at METRO, we take care of you.