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01 May 2020
1. The Idea
Before you begin assembling your wreath, decide on the concept. Will it be one-colour flowers or a colour variation of all the flowers you have in your garden? When you do so, the flowers that represent your theme are called the “focal flowers” and will be the main flowers in the wreath. Then, choose the other filler flowers, greenery or ornaments that will surround the focal flowers but will not overshadow them. 
2. The Items
Apart from the flowers, focal and filler, you can choose some greenery e.g. leaves, ferns and herbs or some ornaments e.g. figurines, wooden bird houses, ribbons and so on. Again, it all has to do with the colour of your wreath. For example you can create an “All Red” theme with red flowers and ornaments, a “Spring” theme with flowers, greens and ornaments in all different colours, an “Earthy” theme with orange and yellow flowers, wooden ornaments and beige ribbon and so on.
3. The Base/ Dimension
Your wreath will look more impressive if it has more dimension. Try to do so by extending your focal flowers 15cm from the wreath base. This adds to the wreath size producing a larger, wider and taller wreath. Use a sturdy frame like a grapevine wreath of an evergreen base, as they will be able to hold the weight of the flowers.
4. Placement
Now that you know the length of the focal flowers, spread them out all over the wreath. It will give an airy natural look to your wreath. As for the filler flowers, greenery or ornaments, you can either follow the “Rule of Three” where you can place them in numbers divisible by 3 or you can freely put them wherever you like. Make sure though to leave the greenery, ornaments and ribbon for last.
a) Stagger Placement
Stagger your flower placement. Place the larger, focal flowers on the outside of the wreath almost forming an invisible line and then the filler flowers to be just a bit shorter than the focal flowers making a staggered effect inwards toward the wreath base.
b) Placing the flowers
When you decorate the wreath, have the flower heads facing in different directions. It will look nice to see the flowers from all directions, no matter how you approach the wreath. 
c) Placing the greenery, ornaments and ribbons
Once you have placed the focal and filler flowers, add the greenery. Afterwards, place the ornaments ( tying them with a twine) and lastly, add the ribbon, which you will have previously tied.
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