My house needs a makeover, stat!

27 March 2014

Man, I’m tired of looking at the same decor day in and day out! I need a change! Well, spring is on its way! It’s the perfect time to do a little sprucing up, both inside and outside your home. Revamping and beautifying your home is a snap at METRO!

Try adding a few aromatic plants or salad greens in attractive pots to brighten up your kitchen window, or ornamental cactuses or flowers in artistic planters in the corner of your living room…and presto! You’re house is transformed!

Larger outdoor varieties in pretty pots can be a creative and economic way to hide unsightly areas of your outdoor space while suffusing the area with a delicate fragrance. Take a stroll through our garden department and the friendly staff will be delighted to offer you a variety of beautiful solutions.

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