Romantic salmon dinner

07 февраль 2017

What could possibly be more Valentine’s Day appropriate, than a romantic dinner packed with aphrodisiacs for two? Being salmon is a natural aphrodisiac, we couldn’t think of a better meal to share with your loved one.  So, avoid the crowded restaurants, and allow this seductive recipe to lead you into your romantic filled night.

2 Salmon fillets
3 tablespoons of honey
4 table spoons of olive oil
1 teaspoon of soy sauce
Juice from 1 lemon
Salt and Pepper
1 cup of basmati rice 
Directions for Salmon:
1. Season each side of the salmon fillets with salt and pepper. Mix a very small amount of honey and olive oil together, and then drizzle on each side. 
2. Next, heat a large pan over a high flame with the rest of the olive oil inside. Place the salmon in the pan and allow each side to cook for about 7-8 minutes on a reduced- medium flame.
3. Once the one side has been seared, flip onto the other side for another 3-4 minutes or until pink in the centre, then remove and place aside.
4. Then, using the same pan you cooked the salmon in, add the lemon juice, honey, and soy sauce and bring it to a simmer. 
5. Lastly, after placing your salmon fillet and basmati in a dish, drizzle your lemon honey soy sauce over both the salmon and basmati, and dig in!
Directions for Basmati: 
1. Add two cups of water to a medium sized pot over a high flame and bring water to a boil. 
2. Once the water has come to a boil, reduce the flame, and add one cup of basmati rice to the pot. Stir occasionally until the water is almost dissolved.
3. Once the water is close to having fully evaporated, shut the flame, and allow the basmati to sit.
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