Super Kids!

21 февраль 2020
You will need:
An old bib to trace
50 cm of cotton fabric, colour of your choice
30 cm of different fabric for the logo 
50 cm fabric iron-on adhesive
 2,5 cm velcro 
1.  Use your child's favourite bib as a template for the neck of the cape.  Make sure it's comfortable around their neck. Trace the neck outline of the bib onto your fabric.  
2. Decide on the length of the cape - just below the knee - and draw a diagonal line from the neck to your desired length. Cut 2 pieces.
3.  Draw the design for the logo onto iron-on adhesive and iron it onto the different colour fabric. Cut out the logo and iron it onto the back of the cape.  Then topstitch the logo for extra security.  If you want yours to be reversible, then you'll do this step again with the other cape piece.
4.  Place one cape on top of the other (logos inside) and sew all the way around, leaving a small gap (about 8cm) for turning.
5.  Turn the cape inside out, press with a hot iron, and topstitch around the entire cape, closing up your small opening.
6.  Sew velcro pieces on each side of the neck, so you can close the cape.  Try it on your little one and you're done!
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