Your Clean Monday Picnic checklist

23 февраль 2017

It’s time to eat clean! Being we live in such a beautiful country, we must take advantage of our nature! For one of the most important feasts of the year, we suggest getting out and setting up a traditional picnic in one of our many natural picnic areas, either out in the fields or in a designated park! We present you with a checklist of all the things you need to ring in the 40-day Lenten period: Clean Monday!

For the picnic: 
1. Picnic Basket
Your picnic basket is essential! A nice wicker one will do the trick in holding all of your items and keeping them together.
2. Plastic plates, cups and utensils
Sometimes we forget the obvious- So, we are here to remind you not to forget that there is no kitchen in the nature, and if you want to eat all the food you brought along with you, make sure you buy plastic plates, cups, and utensils in advance!
3. Napkins
You will need to clean off before flying your kite, so make sure to pack enough napkins for everyone to use while you eat!
4. Garbage bags
Make sure to bring plastic garbage bags along with you so you have a place to throw your trash out before leaving. 
5. Coolers
Make sure to have at least one cooler so put your perishables in. For example, your tarama and salad veggies will not taste as good if not fresh!
6. Blanket
Take an older blanket that has been laying around the house, and bring it with you as a place to sit on during your picnic! Make sure to measure the blanket for size depending on how many people are joining your Clean Monday festivities! 
Food for the picnic: 
1. Lagana 
This special bread is only made once a year on Clean Monday- so make sure to include it!
2. METRO's homemade salads 
METRO’s homemade fasting salads are known for being on everyone’s Clean Monday table. Taramosalata, hummus, tahini, skordalia and mougkra dips are made with love by us here at METRO daily. Based on the recipes of our grandmothers, packed with natural ingredients and no preservatives. You can try them all in the delicatessen section of our supermarkets!  
3. Olives
Olives are a yummy addition to our picnic. Hint: dipping your lagana into the olive oil is just as tasty!
4. Salad vegetables
You can’t get ‘cleaner’ than salad veggies. We suggest plum tomatoes, sliced cucumber, pickles, and sweet sliced red and yellow peppers!
5. Boiled greens
Squeeze a lemon wedge over your boiled greens and dig in! Sprinkle on some salt for extra flavour.
6. Halva
Halva is a delicious addition to balance out the foods in your picnic. Have a bite after something salty!
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