Breakfast with salmon and poached eggs

03 сентябрь 2021
1 portion
Prep time
10 minutes
Total time
10 minutes

2 slices of bread
2 eggs
1 avocado
10 ml white vinegar
100 gr smoked salmon
Olive oil
50 gr cherry tomatoes
Rocket leaves
30 gr cream cheese
30 gr butter
Juice of a lemon


1) In a saucepan, add water, vinegar and salt and bring to the boil. 
2) Break the eggs into small bowls.
3) As soon as the water boils, slowly put the eggs in, put the lid on and lower the heat.
4) Wait for 1-3 minutes and with a slotted spoon remove the egg from the water and place it on paper to dry.
5) Melt the avocado with a fork and make the taste with the lemon juice, chives and salt.
6) In a frying pan, add the butter to melt and place the bread so that it gets a nice color.
7) Transfer the cream cheese to a pastry bag.
8) Place the avocado, cream cheese, salmon and poached egg on the bread and garnish the dish with the rocket, cherry tomatoes and chives.

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