Oh Christmas…table!

22 декабрь 2017

This Christmas impress your guests, making your Christmas centerpiece that will decorate the festive table.

Depending on the decoration of the house, you will use the appropriate colors. We will give you some general tips that will trigger your imagination!

You will need

Silver or bronze tray. Candle light will bring silver/or bronze to light! If the tray is vintage, even better!

3-4 pine nuts

White paint spray

Fake snow

Baubles in color combinations you desire. Try to use only few colors e.g. only silver or pairs e.g. white / red or silver / bronze. You can choose polished balls or matt.

Round jar



First of all, spray the tips of the pine nuts and allow them to dry for a few hours. Take the glass jar and place your baubles inside. Put it in the center of the tray. Scatter the fake snow around the jar and place the pine nuts on one-third of the disk. On the remaining space, scatter 2-3 balls. If you are using tealights, place them as well on the tray to give an even more festive and shiny look!


Extra tips

You can also place a garland of battery-powered lights inside the glass jar and then fill with the balls. In this case you will not need tealights.

Instead of pine cones you can place a green garland around the glass jar. However, it is important, not to hide your tray under the garland, especially if it’s a nice piece.

Instead of a glass jar, you can use an oblong transparent vase and fill it with larger balls one on top of the other. If you use only one colour, even better!

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