Meet the new Metro Trolley Bags!

08 май 2018

With the aim to promote environmental knowledge and a completely new shopping experience, we are unveiling our new METRO Trolley Bags, which help you transport your groceries in an easy, practical and enjoyable way.


The main purpose of reusable bag is to limit the use of the plastic bag which is not recycled but polymerized and thus damaging the environment and people also.

METRO Supermarkets’ aim is to protect the environment, lead to a New Shopping Experience with the introduction of the METRO TROLLEY BAGS. These bags will help you carry your shopping, making the shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.


They apply and open partially in the stroller, enabling the shopping to be placed in a tidy and per-category manner. Note that the bags have a special section for frozen items.

Where to find them                                          

You will find the METRO TROLLEY BAGS at the METRO supermarkets at the incredible price of € 14.50 for the set of four. The way you do your shopping will change, it will become easier and more practical, and most importantly, you will contribute to the protection of the Earth!

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