Love is in the… Bubbles!

01 февраль 2016
Whether accompanying decadent chocolate tarts, succulent hot dishes or seafood snacks, sparkling wine certainly makes for a fabulous pairing.
And yes, Champagne is undoubtedly the queen in this category of wines. 
But sparkling wines are very close relatives - with an eclectic range of aromas and flavors - harmonious partners to sweet and savory gastronomic dishes.
The popular dry and semi-dry sparkling wine varieties have over the recent years expanded to include those rosé vintages that are loved for their delicate fruity sweetness and colorful character. 
The sparkly giddiness that comes with drinking a glass of bubbly is elevated to another level when partnered with an excellent meal as the blend of flavors inevitably results in a euphoric high that only this combination can bring.
Just know, if you are serving chocolaty desserts, honey flavored treats or juicy fruit, then a semi-dry sparkling wine is the one to go for.  If however you are indulging in more savory hot dishes, be they seafood or poultry, then a drier vintage is the favorable accompaniment, enhancing the flavor of the foods rather than covering them up.  And if there is no fruit on the menu, then this calls for a rosé to bring a fruity flair to the table.
So fill your wine flute with your sparkling wine of choice and get lost in the bubbles, taste and aroma! It’s magic ... in a glass.
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