In a Winter Mood

04 декабрь 2017

Blankets, blankets, blankets!

Winter means blankets! Placed on the bed, on the sofa, on your favorite armchair. They can be knitted from coarse wool, traditional and made by your grandmother, modern, made with velvet, felt, etc. Combine colors similar to each other, for example shades of brown (beige, light brown, dark brown) or shades of green, a color that is a strong trend this year, red, blue, gray or even in shapes like scotch plaid, stripe etc. It is important to match your furniture with the style of your home decoration. Spread the blankets on the sofa, wrap them in rolls and stack them over one another, or even fold them and place them on the arms of the sofa or the armchairs.


Big floor pillows

Isn’t it wonderful to sit cross-legged on the floor, on a huge, comfortable pillow? Place them on the carpet, in the living room or in front of the fireplace. Buy big pillows in your favorite color and winter materials e.g. cotton or velvet.


‘Tis the season for the fireplace!

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a fireplace, winter is the season to enjoy it. Once you've cleaned and refreshed it, you can add some decorative touches, making it even more beautiful and an ideal cosy corner to hang out there in the cold winter evenings, sipping your favorite drink. First of all, you can store the wood in a beautiful way e.g. like a pyramid or inside a retro large box to showcase the color of the wood. Secondly, you can place right and left of the fireplace or over it, large candles, which will further illuminate the corner. And third, instead of candles, you can place, right and left or on top of the fireplace, wooden or metal bowls and put inside pine nuts that you have gathered from your walks in Troodos.
Light the candles!

Nothing gives more atmosphere than candles! Decorate your living room's central table with a composition consisting of candles of the same color, e.g. white at various heights.
You can place them in a small tray, glass jar or basket and tie a ribbon or a wooden wreath around them, giving an even more impressive look. You can also create a central piece by taking a glass bowl, placing a white candle in the center and adding right and left balls, made from wooden wires, just like in the photo.


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