How you should be watching this year’s Eurovision!

06 май 2017
It’s that time of year again- Eurovision time! And whether you watch Eurovision because of your competitive nature, love of music, or sheer entertainment, there’s a few ways to prepare for this event, so that you and your company can ring in the spirit of Eurovision 17’, the right way.
Snacks! (Fully loaded.)




Watching a movie, TV series, or favorite European singing contest is never complete without the snacks to accommodate you, your friends, and your empty stomachs. Before you and your friends plop on the couch to watch the competition, make sure you are fully loaded with your favorite snacks! In need of some suggestions? Try making any of these 4 delicious entertainment snacks right at home!
Make friendly bets with your friends!



No money- just for fun! And if you must bet on something to win, bet with currency such as candies or chocolate! Making friendly bets with your friend’s definitely gets you into the competitive nature of the event. After all, it is a competition! Making friendly bets is a fun way for you and your friends to keep track of the results from each competition, and a way to stay informed on the scores!
Host an international party!



If you are someone with a group of friends that is multi-cultural, this suggestion might be of special interest to you. Being Eurovision is an event made to bring the multiple cultures across Europe together, what a better way to do so and enjoy the competition, then by hosting an international party with your multi-cultural friends! You can all enjoy watching the competition together, and competing in a friendly nature to see which one of the home countries of you and your friends will gain the most points, or, the most laughs!
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