How to Safely Clean and Boil Easter Eggs!

26 май 2014

We know we need to have a safe and clean "canvas" prior to coloring or designing of our Easter Eggs. Therefore, our eggs should be spotless, without any cracks and crevices. So the day before coloring we gently wash the eggs with warm soapy water. We then rinse carefully and place them in the washbasin while adding enough hot water to cover them completely. The next day we check them for cracks - which will now be much more apparent - If you find a cracked one, save it for later, maybe for a cake or a nice dessert.

How to boil eggs without it breaking? First you boil them over low heat. Remember this is a Rule! Place eggs in a large enough pot or saucepan - again with enough water to cover them all the way. Now here is the trick! You now need to add a metal spoon in an upright position, which naturally extends above the pans top end. The reason for this is because the metal (spoon) absorbs the extra heat generated by the boiling water and thus almost eliminates the chances of breaking the eggs. Yes it works!

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