For You Mum!

07 май 2016
It's Mother’s Day this Sunday!! In celebration of all the mum’s and grandma’s everywhere, we give you 6 fun ways to show these precious women in your life just how much you love them!

Off to the spa!

An all day spa day! How amazing does that sound! With summer fast approaching, our body needs some rejuvenation. And what better way to revitalize your mum than with a body scrub, a moisturizing treatment and a relaxing massage with essential oils! It’s the perfect gift!

Scrub & love

A homemade exfoliating body scrub makes for a great present and the perfect beauty treat, wouldn’t you agree? The following recipe is so easy that even small children can put this gift together! 
What you will need:
1 cup. sugar
1 cup. frozen strawberries (allow fresh strawberries to freeze for about 2 days)
¾ cup. coconut oil
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1 glass container (that closes tightly)
Place your frozen strawberries into a sealed bag and smack them with a rolling pin until they take on a pulp-like consistency.  Next, place your sugar and frozen strawberry pulp into a bowl. To this, pour in your coconut oil and vanilla extract and mix well.  Spoon the mixture into a glass container. Your homemade scrub for Mum is ready!


A jar full of love!

Tell your mum how much you love her through written words. Fill a glass jar with colorful little notes that contain all the different reasons that make you love her. Stumped for what to write? How about, "You give the best hugs in the world", or "You are my best friend", or even something humorous like "You cook the best spaghetti!".  This is a beautiful meaningful gift which your mum can turn to time after time, elevating her mood to the next level!

Let's make a movie!

Wake up the director in you and prepare a video for mum. Cast her favorite people, her children! Have everyone sing a song, wear funny costumes, say how much they love mum! To create, simply use one of the many mobile video apps around!!

I see you in my cup!

Give your mum something she can use every day. For example, a coffee cup decorated by the kids. Stock up on special paints or even water-resistant stickers and let your kids go creatively wild on a white coffee cup, decorating it any which way they please! 


Helpful kitchen hack!

If your mum loves spending time in the kitchen, make her life a little easier by creating a stand for the one device she keeps on turning to, to recreate delicious recipes – her tablet.  How? Take a cutting board (plain or decorated) approximately the same height and width of the tablet.  On this, using a strong glue, stick at a vertical angle another piece of small wood about 2-3 cm thick – on which the tablet can sit (and balance) in an upright position. No more fumbling about and dirty screens!
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