Fluffy, Fairy Tale Marshmallows

21 октябрь 2014
Making these sugary sweet delights will make you feel like a kid again!
50g corn flour
10 gelatin sheets
120ml water
50g powdered sugar
50g glucose syrup
450g sugar
250ml water
2 egg whites
2 packets vanilla powder
1 ½ tsp food coloring (optional)
a few drops of lemon or orange extract, or rosewater (optional)
This recipe isn’t difficult, it’s just a bit demanding. You’ll need a baker’s thermometer and you must stick like glue to the directions. No deviations!
Sift all the corn flour and the powdered sugar into a bowl. Distribute half of the dry mixture above into an oven safe baking dish 20cm x 30cm. Set the other half aside for later. 
Using a small pot, submerge the gelatin sheets in 120ml of water and let sit.
Using another pot on a low flame, mix the syrup, sugar and water with a wooden spoon until everything is fully dissolved. It will become clear, smooth syrup. Turn up the heat, and without stirring again, put in the thermometer and allow it to boil vigorously until it reaches 110°C. At this point, let the pot continue to boil while you turn your attention to the gelatin. Put the pot with the gelatin soaking in it directly on a medium flame, stirring continually with a wooden spoon until the gelatin dissolves completely. 
Either using a blender or a hand mixer, whip the egg whites into a meringue. By now, the syrup mixture should have reached 122°C. Very carefully remove it from the fire and pour it down the side of the container with the meringue. Add the gelatin in the same way. Add the vanilla and mix the entire mixture for 6 to 8 additional minutes with the blender or hand mixer. The mixture should become twice the volume and somewhat thick.
Add the food coloring or flavoring giving it 2 or 3 turns with your spoon or spatula. If you want to do multiple colors or flavors, divide your mixture into different bowls before you add your colors or flavors. 
Pour the finished mixture into the baking dish you originally prepared. Using a spatula or a straight knife, smooth out the surface of the mixture. Dust the surface with the remainder of the corn flour/powdered sugar mixture. Let the marshmallows stiffen in a cool place for the next 3-4 hours. All done!
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