DIY Christmas Stockings!

19 декабрь 2017

You will need:

  • Felt. You will need and lot and in all sorts of colors that you want to use. Red/White combination or single coloured.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Various embellishments such as sparkly pom poms, small beads, ribbons, yarn etc.



First you need to decide what size your stocking is going to be then make it a bit bigger to allow for the seams you will be glueing.

Cut two pieces in a boot shape.

Hot glue the stocking together section by section,as the hot glue gets cold fast so it helps to do it bit by bit.

Turn the stockings the right way around when the glue is set.

When you have decided upon the decoration, there are a few trimmings you can add to the stockings.


The white rimed stocking

Turn your stocking inside out. Cut  a strip of white felt for the trimming, bigger then the circumference of the stocking. Hot glue it at the top seam all around. Trim the excess white felt and then hot glue it down the side over lapping the two edges.

Turn your stocking the right way around and add the hanging tag. It is simply a thin band of felt folded in on itself and hot glued down.

Press the seams down to make it stay neat.


For the names on the stockings open a word document of any other program that allows you to type and print from. Select a bold font and type in caps the name for your stocking. Make sure to fill the page with the font size. Print and hold the paper to the felt, while you cut.
Hot glue the name to your stocking once you have positioned it in a place you like.

Decorating the stocking is totally up to you! You can cut and glow from show flakes, to snowmen, trees etc.

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