Beauty Dos and Don’ts

11 март 2017

When it comes to beauty, there is mile long list of what to do and what not to do. Beauty questions, tricks, and tips orbit around almost every woman’s head.  So especially for our ladies, we have compiled our favourite beauty dos and don’ts!


DO: Use a Muslin Cloth

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A what? For those who aren’t familiar with it, this little miracle cloth which is made out of plain weave cotton, is a way to gently exfoliate your skin, and a great way to assure skin renewal. This is especially useful for the face in order to help keep your skin glowing, and youthful looking.


DON’T: Cut your nails with scissors or nail clippers!

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Well, unlike almost all of us have been taught, cutting your nails with nail scissors or clippers is dangerous for the health of our nails. The reason for this? Simply put, our nails are not just “what’s on the surface”, but are actually made up of many different layers, and when we cut them with metal clippers, we increase the risk of having the layers peel away, creating weak nails.

What you should do instead? File! Filing is not just for shaping, but it is also for length maintenance. Filing your nails on a weekly basis as oppose to cutting them is the most recommended way to maintaining your nail length in order to uphold healthy, strong nails.


DO: Sleep on a silk pillow

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There’s a reason princesses sleep on silk- Sleeping on a silk pillow case, as opposed to one made of cotton or polyester, does wonders for both our skin and hair. Silk pillow cases are a must for the hair. Not only does it allow your hair style to go an extra day or two, but it will also change the texture of your hair to a smoother look and feel with less fly-a-way’s and frizz.  Additionally, sleeping on silk helps prevent hair breakage.

If our hair wasn’t enough, sleeping on silk is also great for our skin. With a silk pillow case, you don’t have to worry about waking up with embarrassing face wrinkles from a deep night’s sleep. Silk pillow cases also avoid redness and puffiness of the face, and especially for people with sensative skin, the silk pillow case is definitely the pillow case for you.


DON’T: Wash your hair twice

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Most of us are used to the routine of applying shampoo, rinsing it out, and then applying conditioner, and rinsing again. Well, according to experts, not only is this act of washing twice unnecessary, but it strips the hair of its natural oils, and when we strip our hairs natural oils, we create damage.

Instead, after applying your shampoo, apply a small amount of conditioner at your ends, and wash out all at once. Not only is this better for the health of your hair, it saves time, too!


DO:  Tweeze facial hairs after the shower!

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If tweezing your facial hairs isn’t part of your shower routine, then you should make it one. Because the warm water and steam from the shower loosens up hair follicles and softens the skin, allowing you to tweeze away your eyebrows and the rest of your facial hairs without pain, redness, and watery eyes.


DON’T: Shave in the morning

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Although many of you have already probably done this, now is your chance to stop for good! Shaving always exfoliates your skin by removing the top most layer. When you shave in the morning, you are then obligated to conduct the rest of your day with exposed skin. Your skin is vulnerable to external elements that can cause infection, whereas if you shave at night, you give your skin time to heal overnight, and avoid the outdoor toxins from entering your body.


DO: Use two shades of lipstick.

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Everyone has that one shade that they can’t leave the house without. By who said you should only use one? In fact, using two different shades not only looks colourfully amazing, but it makes your lips look fuller without using any plumper’s at all! Tip: for fuller looking lips, use a colour one shade darker on your bottom lip and one shade lighter on your top lip.


DON’T: Shake nail polish bottles!

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Monkey see, monkey do. How many times have you either gone to the salon, or gotten your nails done by a friend, and what do they do? Shake the nail polish before opening it. We are here to tell you to stop following this silly myth, as it only leads to air bubbles in the polish, which then lead to clumpy, bubbly paint on your nails.


DO: Use dryer sheets on your hair!

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Even if you don’t own a dryer, you know dryer sheets are used to make clothes smell great. But did you also know, that dryer sheets are a great trick to combating static? That’s right! By taking a dryer sheet and gently going over the static parts of your hair, you will control the static, and have less frizz!


DON’T: Eat too much dairy

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Surly as a child, you were told to eat your dairy for strong bones. However, as we get older, dairy can have some adverse effects on our beauty. Not only does dairy cause puffiness of the skin, and excess oil production on your skin, leading to higher breakouts, but it also causes a higher risk of wrinkles. Dairy is easy to overconsume, as it is many of our favourite foods (cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, etc.) and while we are not saying to cut dairy out of your diets, we are suggesting not to eat an excess of it, and to be more conscious of how much dairy intake you have daily.

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