5 things to thank Dad for!

15 июнь 2017
With Father’s Day closely approaching, we are reminded to take a moment and think about how our lives have been shaped by our Fathers- A time to sit back and reflect on all the things our super Dads did for us over the years, and how much we appreciate them. If you need some help remembering, we have 5 things we are sure you can thank Dad for:
1. Your ability to hold a master BBQ
master bbq
Your Sunday night barbeques, family get-togethers in the yard, and holiday hosting from the grill all started with Dad. And for most of us, we think it’s safe to say that our now inherited grilling skills can be credited to everything our Dads taught us when it comes to grilling your meat just right. So thanks, Dad! For passing down your master mind for grilling!
2. Teaching you not to judge, but to understand instead 
not to judge
Growing up, you are introduced to many different people, places, and things. Some of which may be native to you, while many others, foreign. Here, we would like to say thank you to our Dads, for helping us see the beauty in diversity, for helping us learn things we don’t know, and for teaching us the importance of not judging them. Thank him for allowing you to witness and experience different things first hand, and for helping you develop the sophistication to learn and flourish in diverse places, with diverse people, and in diverse situations. 
3. Tough and Unconditional love 
tough love
Looking back on those terrible teenage years, I am sure we can all find instances when Dads tough love made us the great people we are today. Maybe you were one who made bad relationship decisions, or went through crazy music phases that influenced a ridiculous hair style, or simply, just needed some direction- For this, we would like to say thank you to Dad, for all the times he said no when we wanted him to say yes, because today, we are indisputably better people because of it. 
4. For being your life Coach
life coach
Our Dads have coached us from the day we were born, from teaching us how to walk, talk, ride a bike, play our favourite sport, give us the best advice, help us during our worst- you name it, Dad was there. So here’s to you, Coach Dad, an endless amount of thank you’s for a lifetime worth of advice, support and coaching. 
5. For being your biggest fan
biggest fan
No matter what you try to pursue, Dad is always there to back you up. Whether it be for better or for worse, if you think you have a voice for X Factor, probably, so does Dad. Whether you were a top player in your schools soccer team of not, chances are for Dad, you were just as good as Messi, no matter how many goals you did or did not score. For this, we thank our Dads for being our biggest fans, for always encouraging our strengths, and providing support for our weaknesses. Thank you, Dad, for giving us the courage and confidence we needed to succeed at everything we put our minds to in life, even if it wasn’t cut out for us. 
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