3 Ways to show Dad you care on Father’s day!

17 июнь 2017
Our fathers have spent almost their entire lives showing us how much they care. From never missing a dance recital or football game, to helping us with our studies, or simply taking care of us at any given moment, they have dedicated almost all of their time to us, their children. This Father’s Day, we suggest dedicating Dad’s special day with a little more thought, by showing him how much you care in one of these three ways!
Take him to play his favourite sport
So you may not be as big of a sports fan as your Dad, but even though he was never a fan of ballet, he still came and watched you perform each time! This Father’s Day, take Dad out for the day to play his favourite sport. If he loves football, take him to a local park and kick the ball around! Maybe likes golf? Do your research ahead of time and find a place you could both play! No matter what his favourite sport is, take the time and effort to make his day by treating him to quality time together, all while playing his favourite game.
Cook dinner for him
Dad was always there to make us a juicy stake, delicious sausage, or mouth-watering burger on the grill! This Father’s Day, let him be the one to sit back and relax, by passing him his favourite cold refreshment, and getting to the grill yourself! Make sure to get all your cooking supplies such as meats, spices, sauces, and refreshments in advance. He is sure to appreciate a dinner of no work and solely indulgence. 
Do the yard work!
Dad has always been the one person to thank for the beautifully groomed yard you have many of your most precious memories in. Because of his life time of effort put into such an important part of your home, it is time to give him a break this weekend, and do the yard work for him. Whether that be watering the plants, cutting the grass, cleaning the grill, trimming the bushes, or sweeping the patio, pay close attention to how he maintains such a pristine yard, and give him a weekend free of yard work! He will be sure to appreciate less work for the weekend and the extra time. 
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