3 Water Games for the kids!

03 июнь 2017
With Kataklismos and Summer both fast approaching, do we really need any other excuse to play outdoor water games? Outdoor water games are a vividly happy memory from many of our childhoods, so to give that same joy to our children, we have come up with a list of 3 of the best outdoor water games for the youngsters to enjoy!
Sponge Tag
Instead of the kids running around and getting over heated, let them run around and cool down all at the same time when playing Sponge tag. To play, they will simply need:
Large sized sponge (similar to one you would clean a car with)
A bucket full of water
Just like tag (only better) the kids will dunk their sponge in the big bucket of water. Whoever is “it” will chase the other players around in attempt to tag one of them with the sponge, making that person who has been tagged the new “it”. And unlike traditional tag, there will be no mistake of who was tagged “it” or not, as the new person who is tagged will have the evidence of a big wet sponge mark!
Ice Cube Melt
The Ice Cube Melt is a game to break out when the temperature gets really hot, or for those who are just really up for a challenge. To play, you will need to line up your players and divide them into teams of two. The first player in line from each team is given an ice cube. 
The objective is for the player to rub the ice cube in between their hands for as long as they can, in order to make it melt. When the first player gets too cold, they then have to pass the cube onto the next player in line, and the first team to melt the cube with the least number of passes, wins!
Cold Potato
For this game, players will need water balloons, and water to fill them. You should have as many water balloons filled as you have players, this way, you have fast back up each time one of them breaks.
To play, players will have to stand in the formation of a circle. To start the game, players will pass the water balloon by tossing it to players across from them. It is not allowed to toss the water balloon to a player next to you, as that would be seen as too easy.
The water balloon should continue to get passed until it breaks. Each time it breaks in a players hand, that player is out, and the remaining players must get a new water balloon to pass along. The objective of the game is for the water balloon to break when being tossed from one player to another in order to get all of the players out. The winner of the game will be the last (dry) player standing!
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