Our oceans are drowning in plastic

Our oceans are drowning in plastic

1 trillion of plastic bags are produced every year worldwide.

Most of them end up in the environment and our oceans.

1.000 years are needed for a plastic bag to disintegrate.   

1 million sea birds and 100.000 mammals are dying from plastic consumption every year.

46.000 plastics bags are found in average in every square mile of the oceans. 

Plastic pollution in the oceans are 257 times the size of Cyprus. 

Is plastic bag our choice?

The METRO multi-use shopping bags are here to offer a better option.

Every time one uses a multi-use bag at the till, it is a minus one plastic bag in our oceans.

Select the bag that serves your personal needs.  You can find all METRO multi-use shopping bags at the till of all METRO stores.

Discover how METRO Trolley Bags make shopping more convenient. here (video)

6 Months after the new regulation about plastic bags we made the difference! 

Together we achieved a 90% plastic bag usage reduction.

You embraced the effort of reducing the plastic bag usage and protecting our environment and this resulted to a big change. The use of multi-use bags brought a drastic reduction in plastic bags and today, at METRO Supermarkets, we count a 90% decrease. 

At METRO Supermarkets, we will continue promoting the environmental protection with your proven support.




   With the support of the Department of Environment




        All eco-friendly activities and efforts are executed under the METRO Green Plan corporate scheme.