Freshen up your home with our #SummerHacks!

29 July 2021
Summer awakens a strong need for rejuvenation, urging us to look for quick and easy solutions that will give ourselves and our homes that fab and fresh feeling!
Follow these 5 smart #hacks that will pleasantly revitalize every precious summer moment at home.
1) Cool down your room without air conditioning! Just hang a bed sheet over an open window and use a spray bottle to spray it down with some water. As it dries, your space will then naturally cool while the water evaporates! 
2) Make sure your clothes, sheets and sofa covers always smell great! All you need is a  ½ cup of white vinegar,  ½ cup of water and ¼ cup of fabric softener. Combine all liquids in a spray bottle, and spritz away!
3) Put a wet tea towel or an old clean T-shirt in the freezer for a while and wrap it around your neck, forehead, arms or legs throughout the day to cool off.
4) Pick your favorite scented fabric softener and add a small amount to a spray bottle. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water and shake well. Give your home a refreshing summer scent by spraying your new aromatic mix all around the house… and don’t forget the curtains!
5) Bath and kitchen towels tend to develop an unpleasant smell after years of use! To get rid of that mustiness, all you need to do is put the towels in boiling water, add a cup of vinegar, and let them soak overnight. Wash the towels as you usually do and ta-da… good as new! 
Don’t let the heat drag you down! Use our #summerhacks to cool down… and enjoy this summer at its very best!
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