Peanut butter Ice Cream

06 August 2021
2 portions
Prep time
10 minutes
Total time
10 minutes

250 ml cream 35%
300 gr cream cheese
100 ml sweetened milk
20 ml vanilla extract
100 gr peanut butter
100 gr wholemeal biscuits
Zest of a lime
50 ml caramel syrup



1) In the mixer's bowl, beat the cream until lightly whipped, then add the cream cheese and sweetened milk until the mixture is homogenized.
2) Break the cookies into small pieces and put them in the mixture along with the peanut butter, vanilla and lime zest.
3) Place the ice cream mixture in a pan and place in the freezer for one day, stirring every 2-3 hours so that it does not make pellets.
4) Serve with the caramel syrup


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