Autumn Cleaning!

30 September 2018
Autumn Cleaning!

With the weather slowly changing and winter approaching, it is time to prepare our home for the winter months. To help you, we have prepared a list of the tasks for an autumn cleaning.

Clean and repair the patio furniture

Before we put away the patio furniture, we have to make sure they are in a good condition. To remove light rust spots from iron furniture, use a rust dissolver applied with a metal brush. Then apply a primer and touch-up paint. Clean aluminum patio furniture with a car-rubbing compound, then coat with a clear car wax to protect the finish from the elements.

Brighten umbrellas and fabric chair cushions by using cool, soapy water and a nylon brush, followed by a thorough rinsing to remove any cleaner residue. Then open the umbrella and let it air dry.

Wood furniture also requires regular care, including gently sanding away surface dirt and grime. Follow with exterior penetrating oil to keep the surface looking lustrous.

Clean leather furniture

It’s important to know whether your leather furniture has a finish before treating it with any products, so check labels or look up the item on the manufacturer’s website before you begin.  For unprotected leather wipe with a clean, dry cloth or one slightly dampened with distilled water. For protected leather, you can make your own cleaning solution by adding a few drops of mild no detergent soap to distilled water, or use a commercial leather cleaning product. Apply with a microfiber cloth.

Freshen up your fall wardrobe

Collect clothes that need repair and move summer clothes to an out-of-the-way spot so that your fall wardrobe can be front and center. Polish shoes, remove pilling from coats and sweaters, and clean out handbags and totes.

De-clutter your bathroom cabinet

Now it’s a good time to sort out the cabinet from items you will not use in the next months or have expired.  Check out the dates on cosmetics, bath and beauty products and at the same time, clean the whole cabinet with some water and vinegar or lemon drops.

Inspect the roof and gutters

Although it might be a bit soon, since it is generally fine to wait until most of the leaves have fallen in autumn to clean out the gutters, but doing a quick visual inspection now is a good idea. Pull out any sticks or other debris blocking the gutters, and make note of any worn-out seals around vent pipes and chimneys. Also make sure your fireplace and heating system are clean, safe and ready to go by having a pro look at them now.

Flip your mattress

Remember, when you turn back your clocks at the end of October, turn your mattress over, too. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to neutralize odors, and then vacuum it up.

Clean your fridge and defrost your freezer

More time inside, means more food. With the festive season coming up in a couple of months, you will need more space in the fridge and the freezer. Tis makes autumn a good time to clean them. You’ll need to plan cleaning your fridge and defrosting your freezer in advance so you can empty the contents as much as possible before the clean. It's also handy to have a cool bag and ice blocks to keep any remaining items cool.

Clean your oven

As the temperatures falls, we want to eat more warm food and therefore we use the oven more often. This is the perfect time to clean the oven. Use specially designed detergents or use lemon as a basis to make your own cleaner. Find ways to do so in this previous post

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