A taste of Easter!

21 April 2019
8-10 flaounas
Prep time
2 hours
Total time
2 hours

For the dough

2 Kg flour (self-raising and village flour)

1 tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking powder

Mahleb, mastiha, (well threshed)

2 cups olive oil

Sourdough (size of 2 eggs) or two yeast sachets

Milk lukewarm for kneading

For the filling

2 kg of mixed flaouna cheese and halloumi

1/2 cups semolina

12 eggs

1 piece of sourdough (size of 2 eggs) or two yeast sachets

2 tbsp baking powder, mahleb, mastiha

1 glass of fresh mint, chopped

200 gr raisins

For the coating

2-3 eggs, whipped

2 cups sesame seeds (wet to stick to the dough and keep the seeds well covered)

The traditional flaouna recipe


To make the flaounas, prepare the filling from the day before.

In a large bowl, grate the cheese 1-2 days earlier in order for it to dry and to be able to add more eggs. Add the semolina, mahleb and the mastiha and stir well. In a bowl add all the eggs and whisk them.

Put a dent in the middle of the cheese, add the sourdough (or yeast) and pour the eggs. Rub the mixture with your fingers well to dissolve the sourdough. Add as many eggs as possible in order for the filling to set. The next day add the baking powder, mint and raisins, and if necessary, 1-2 eggs.

For the dough, sift the flour in a pan, add the salt, baking powder, mahleb, mastiha and mix the ingredients well.

Add the oil and rub the flour with your fingers. Then add the sourdough (or yeast) and lukewarm milk to dissolve the sourdough and knead to make a proper dough.

Allow the dough to rise for 1-2 hours, roll to ½ cm thickness and then cut round pieces to the size we want. Sprinkle the outer side of the pieces with sesame, add some cheese filling and close to the shape you want the flaounes to be, triangle or square. Before baking, let the flaounas rise, coat them with the beaten egg and sesame mixture and place them in the oven at 170C until baked.



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