10 tips to create exciting, original sandwiches every time

01 сентябрь 2021
Summer holidays might have come to an end, but imagination and creativity are still in full swing… especially when it comes to our all important sandwich making skills! While we all get back to school and the office, we make sure this new beginning is as delicious as possible, with 10 cool tips that will take your snacking to a whole new level. 
1. Pay attention to the bread
From multi-seeded, to Cypriot, to buns… the options are endless! Weigh them out and choose accordingly. If the bread slice is thin, make sure you don’t overstuff it with ingredients, but if its thick and bulky like a baguette or a triara, don’t be afraid to load up on strong flavours, instead of a simple slice of boring cheese and turkey.  
2. Don’t forget the crunch factor!
When it comes to food, textures is key! No one wants a soft, floppy sandwich without a satisfying "crunch" to it. Enhance your textures with crisps, dried bananas chips, fresh apple and carrot or celery slices.
3. Be bold with your seasoning
It might not something we are used to, but… why not? Be extra bold with your seasoning and choose the right spices for each ingredient. Try sea salt flakes and mustard seeds with chicken, or ground black pepper and chili with the ham.
4. Shoutout to all onion lovers…
We know that for some it’s hard to leave out the onion, and we fully understand your frustration: it may be a little too much for an office or school snack. Try adding the onion in water for 20 minutes before chopping it to absorb the strong taste and flavour, while preserving its beautiful sweet taste. 
5. Take advantage of your leftovers
Who said sandwiches should only include cheeses and cold cuts? Use your left overs creatively. Try adding some meatballs, nuggets, or those yummy leftovers for Sunday lunch. 
6. Pack it properly
A sandwich should ideally be consumed as soon as it’s ready. However, if you have to take it with you to work or to school, then you have to pack it properly, wrapping it in a baking sheet first and then finish it off with aluminium foil. 
7. Kids’ sandwich… on fleek!
Snacks… need imagination! No one wants to eat the same old boring thing over and over again, especially your kids. Avoid repeating the same snack every day, and remember that fun colors and shapes are almost as important as flavour.
8. Pay attention to layering!
Start from the bottom up. Place the meat and cheese at the bottom, then the vegetables and top it off with sauce, condiments or whatever other add-ons you’re craving.
9. Heat it up in the over, instead of the microwave
This way it retains its textures, the cheese melts naturally, and all the ingredients are cooked together. It just tastes better. Trust us!
10. Keep the balance
For a tasty, well-balanced sandwich, it’s important to at least have all the basics in check; combine proteins protein, such as cheese, turkey, or chicken, with fresh healthy elements such as seasoned lettuce, crunchy red pepper and lemony avocado.
We wish you a pleasant… and delicious return to your routine!
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