METROCard: Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. METRO FOODS TRADING LTD (henceforth known as METRO) rewards you for your preference, dedication and visit to our stores, allowing you to register as a member of METROcard by crediting you with points every time you make your purchases.

2. METROcard is provided free of charge.

3. METROcard works as follows:

a. For every € 1 in your markets you earn 1 point.

b. You can earn extra points by purchasing specific products that are offered for specific periods of time. You will find them in our brochures and with specific marking.

c. At specific periods that are announced, you have the opportunity to gain more points by shopping from specific departments.

d. Each time you accumulate 1,000 points, a €10 voucher awaits you at the shop where you issued your METROcard.

e. Use the voucher either by purchasing products equal to its value (€10) or by paying to the cashier with it.  The voucher is not exchanged for money.

4. You can use METROcard at any METRO supermarket. However, the redemption takes place only at the store where you issued it.

5. You can give METROcard either at the beginning or during the "hit" process at the cashier. Your METRO card is accepted at any stage before the calculation of your debt is completed. The receipt you receive will indicate the points earned on that market, as well as your total points.

6. If METROcard is damaged, lost or stolen, METRO will replace your card or provide you with any other reasonable measure in order to continue the process of collecting your points.

7. METRO may take any action it deems appropriate if there are reasons to believe that a person has abused the program regarding METROcard.

8. METRO promises not to give your personal data to anyone.

9. You retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time after you send a written request to METRO’s  address under the title Personal Data or to our email address without any sanctions.

10. METRO FOODS TRADING LTD will retain your personal data for a period of three (3) years which is deemed necessary for the purposes set forth below.

11. The data we ask of you is: name, address, postcode, city, email address, phone number, mobile phone number and date of birth.

12. The purposes for which your personal data is requested are:

A. Your data collection in the company system is for managing your accounts, processing your orders, recording the points you earn in order to take advantage of our offers, refunding if necessary, and withdrawing products so that METRO is able to identify the affected customers and inform them of any corrective actions.

B. The collection and processing of your personal data enables us to use the behaviour of your purchases and provide you with the products and services you want in order to serve you better. The process is conducted on the basis of the principles of confidentiality through encryption and pseudonymisation.

C. We seek to contact you as we want to promote products and / or services of the company as well as to inform you of competitions or events organised by METRO.

D. We seek to contact you in order to invite you to participate in customer inquiries, questionnaires and other market research actions conducted by the company as well as their management in order to improve our services.

13. If your METROcard is not used for a period of two (2) consecutive years then it may be considered invalid and any points collected will be deleted. In this case your personal data will be deleted by METRO.

14. Your personal data is processed at the offices of METRO FOODS TRADING LTD located in Cyprus. The storage of your data is done by taking all appropriate measures to ensure their adequate security.