Summer Beauty Forever!

23 August 2019

Prolong that summer tan by:

  1. Moisturise. Make sure your skin never ever gets dry because once the peeling starts it will never stop. So hydrate throughout the day and not only after the shower.
  2. Don’t use too much hot water. Long hot baths and showers can dehydrate your skin, so stick to cool water and used a hydrating shower gel.


But very gently! Yes, you still need to exfoliate dead skin cells that can make the skin look duller and less glowy. However, do it carefully and gently to avoid scrubbing away your tan. Use creams  for gentle exfoliating or make your own - see our previous posts for homemade exfoliating creams with natural ingredients.

Drink Lots Of Water

It is essential to stay hydrated for good skin health, cell turnover and everything else associated with keeping a radiant, golden glow.

Eat foods rich in beta-carotene

Especially useful in order to retain the tan and the glow. Think papaya, carrot, sweet potato and mango.

Adjust your beauty products

During summer our lotions, from cleansing to moisturising, are lighter. As the temperature drops down during the autumn months, we need to adjust our beauty products, into a richer ones.

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