Pack your bags!

08 July 2018

No matter the length of the trip – a weekend beach get away or a week abroad – it is essential to pack your bag correctly. We give you tips on how to keep your clothes wrinkle free and your cosmetics spill-proof.

Make a checklist

Two days before travelling, write a checklist of your absolute essentials. Divide the list into categories e.g. clothes, cosmetics, medicine, jewelry, toys, electric devices and charges. Next to each item write the number, you will need e.g. 2 pairs of bathing suit. This will make last-minute packing a lot less stressful.

Roll, don’t fold

Many frequent travelers swear by this tip. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. It’s a space-saving, wrinkle-reducing technique.

Pack in-flight essentials in a separate pouch

Take a zippered pouch and fill it with all the things that you want to keep with you on a flight (headphones, earplugs, Panadol, book, tablet etc.) Put it in your in-flight bag and you board you can take that ouch out, toss it into your seat and then place your carry-on in the overhead bin.

Plan your outfits

Think of the combinations of clothes you are going to wear each day and then start strictly packing by outfit – not individual item. For example take a skirt only if you know you are bring a top and shoes that you will wear with it.

Pack socks inside shoes

To save more space, pack your socks inside your shoes. Not only will that save space in your bag, the socks with help your shoes retain their form and prevent them from getting squished in an overpacked bag.

Separate jewellery with small transparent bags.

Buy small bags for packing necklaces. To prevent tangling, give each one its own bag.

Pack your toiletries in travel-sized bottles.

In in-flight bags, you are allowed to have 10 bottles of 100 ml (total 1L) liquids placed inside transparent zip bags. You can buy sets of this size of bottles from luggage stores and from department stores.

Have a health kit

Days ahead prepare a small medical kit. Put Band-Aids, aspirins, pain relievers, medicine for stomach trouble, itch relief gel, antibiotics and ear plugs (life savers on long haul flights).

Pack 2-3 grocery bags

You can use these bags, not only for your dirty clothes and underwear but also for your wet swimwear in case you want to spend the last hours of your holidays on the beach!

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