Get rid of ink stains!

27 March 2014

The kids are running around chasing each other, playing with the dog, snowboarding across the floor on a throw rug, drawing on the couch….wait, WHAT? Drawing on the couch!? Are you serious?! Now what?

Don’t freak out, ink is a very common stain that’s relatively easy to deal with. JUST DON’T RUB IT to try to get it off. If it comes into contact with heat for friction, it will just set in more.

Be cool, calm and collected. Go get a glass and some rubbing alcohol. Cover the mouth of the glass with the stained fabric, and hold it tightly in place with your hand or even a rubber band. Gently pour the alcohol over the stain so that it drips through the affected fabric into the glass. The ink will drain out of the fabric and into the glass. When the ink is gone, run the fabric under cold water and then wash it as you normally would.

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