Gardening in September

23 September 2017
After the summer heat and as the temperature slowly descends, it is time to do some gardening. Besides, September is the month of the new season. Let's see what we can plant!
How to Prepare the Garden
First of all, before planting, we advise you to do some work in the garden to prepare it.
1. Watering. It will decrease compared to the summer, as now it is comparatively cooler. But beware, because in September there are fluctuations in temperature in Cyprus. Therefore, we advise you to observe and adjust the watering frequency of the plants accordingly.
2. Pruning. Although September is not the month of pruning, however, some small interventions can be done to trim the trees, flowers and shrubs in your home.
3. 3. Cleaning the garden and the pots. Carefully clean your garden and pots from the dried leaves that came out of the hot summer days, for example, fig tree, some citrus trees, etc. So when it rains, no bad smells will be coming out from the mulch.
4. Lawn. Reduce the watering frequency, pour fertilizer and make a last good mowing.
5. Gardening Tools. It is good to wash and clean your gardening tools before storing them for spring.
What to plant
Bulbs and Seeds: Now is the time to plant bulbs and seeds that will bloom in the spring. For example, daffodils, hyacinths, Arabian jasmine and tulips!
Seasonal Flowers: Why not have your blooming garden and during autumn? You can do it by planting seasonal flowers.
First of all, you can re-plant chrysanthemums - the so-called, in Cyprus, "Octovroudes"! You can buy them from markets and transplant them into larger pots. Secondly, ideal flowers to plant at this time are also pansies and cyclamen.
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