Garden in a summer mood

02 June 2019

Summer is officially here! That means that for the next few months we will be spending more and more time lounging in our garden. Here you will find some deco tips to give a totally summer look to your garden!

Bring the Inside Outside

To create the ultimate cozy outdoor space, use your home’s interior as inspiration.Welcome the key pieces (sofa, arm chair) and then style with personality and colorful flair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories that are traditionally considered for indoor use only for example outdoor rugs, throw pillows, sofas, chaise longues and weather-resistant side tables.

Create a Calming Environment

Your garden should be a place of peace and tranquility, and some luxury outdoor furniture in calming colors can provide just the right ambience. Go for neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and plentiful plantings.Keep it low-maintenance by selecting weatherproof furniture and fabrics.

Be Bold

On the other hand, your garden is the perfect place to experiment with new design ideas and color palettes. Consider getting a patio furniture set with colorfully patterned cushions, for example, and playing with the idea of using different fabrics and designs. If you prefer a more minimal approach to your outdoor space, opt for a monochrome color scheme e.g. shades of gray, white, and silver.

Create a vertical garden

 When deciding how to decorate a patio using flowers, consider going vertical. All you have to do is hang planters at varying heights in your garden. There are tons of ways to create unique and eye-catching vertical gardens. Choosing the group of flowers ( color or type) or plants you like, will define the look of your vertical garden.

Make a table planter

Another patio decorating idea is to put flowers right on your table. Cut a hole in the center of a wooden table and attach a wooden pallet underneath the hole. The wooden pallet will create the perfect planter where you can add whatever flowers, plants and even succulents you want.

Paint some rocks

If used correctly, rocks can add a nice natural touch to the area. They can be used in planters, fairy gardens, and flower gardens, as well as to line walkways. If you’re looking for a way to give your patio some extra color, consider painting some of these rocks.

Get creative with lights

If you plan to host some backyard parties this summer, you’ll need to find a way to lighten your garden up. To make things more interesting,  go with some unique lighting throughout your patio and backyard. Lanterns and tiki torches are creative lighting solutions. But, one of the best outdoor patio decorating ideas is to use string lights around the patio. This allows you to illuminate the area with softer lights which will help set a more relaxing mood.

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