Clean and fresh like a summer breeze!

15 July 2018
  1. Use leftover lemon as cleaning supply

If you have a lemon leftover, use it to clean stainless steel surfaces and faucets. Rub it over the areas you want to clean, then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth.                                       

  1. How to clean the grill

Since summer is the grilling season, we always need an efficient way to clean our grill. While it is still warm, use a wire brush to scrub down the grates. If the grill is too dirty, use an oven cleaner to attack the stuck on food and grime. Make sure to do this in an open-air well-ventilated area, wearing rubber cloves to protect any exposed skin.

  1. Fight water rings with an unexpected hero

No matter how much you try to put coasters for your guests to put their drinks on, someone will put a glass right on your new wood coffee table. Don’ worry. Apply full-fat mayonnaise to the water ring, let it sit for an hour and then gently wipe it off with a cloth.

  1. Cleaning the fridge

Keep the children’s or your own sticky fingerprints off the fridge using a citrus-based furniture polish. It does its job and at the same time it leaves a slightly oily surface which helps repel future marks.

  1. Keep the washing machine clean

Washing machines will smell a bit in the summer, especially in areas with high humidity. Run an empty load with detergent and hot water. Once it’s done, leave the door wide open so it dries properly and gets air circulation.

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