Be a pizza specialist!

16 October 2020

Use a pizza stone
This is the number one, most important rule to homemade pizza. Pizza ovens used in italian restaurants can get over 400C! That causes a rapid rise in your dough, which makes it fluffy, crispy and delicious. Mimic those conditions by cooking your pizza on a “pizza stone”.

Use a good quality tomato paste
To make a really good marinara sauce aka tomato sauce with herbs you should use the best ingredients. A really good tomato paste, onions, garlic, oregano etc. A good marinara sauce makes a good pizza.

Skip the rolling pin
Whether you’re making your dough from scratch or using the store-bought kind, don’t use a rolling pin unless you want a cracker-y, super-thin crust. The rolling pin crushes all the gas out of the dough, so you won’t get a light, airy crumb. Try gently stretching the dough in your hands instead. (Hint: It’ll be easier if the dough is room temperature.)

Consider investing in a pizza peel
The most frustrating part of homemade pizza is sliding it into the oven. Maximize your success by buying a pizza peel, coating it with semolina flour, and building your pizza right on its surface. It’ll make the whole experience a lot more fun!

Use full-fat cheeses
Celebrate full-flavored, fatty cheeses on pizza night. They provide better melting coverage as compared to low-moisture cheeses, which also end up having a rubbery texture. A very good combination is mozzarella for melt ability and provolone for flavor. Experiment and have some fun!

Go easy on the toppings
Have you ever noticed that the most classic pizzas are the ones that, after sauce and cheese, have the maximum of only three toppings? This will allow you to taste everything a whole lot better and keep the dough from getting too soggy as it cooked.

Don’t load up on sauce or cheese
Too much sauce or cheese can add excess moisture to your pizza dough. That means your crust will be soft and soggy instead of crisp and delicious. You should still be able to see dough after spreading on your sauce, and we wouldn’t recommend using more than one cup of cheese.

Cook your toppings
Whether you’re going Meatless Monday or loading up on the sausage and peppers, make sure everything’s cooked before it goes onto the pizza. The oven won’t be hot enough to fully cook your raw meat, and most vegetables will end up too crunchy for your liking without a little par-cooking.

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