Back to the gym!

20 January 2018

Holidays, are all about having fun with our friends and family, taking some time off work and of course rest. Holidays is also the time where we skip the gym! So how do we manage to return to our daily exercise routine once the Holidays are over? Here are some tips to help you achieve that!


1. Start small

Start slowly and don’t stress your body too much at the beginning. For example, 20 minutes’ walk on the treadmill and weight exercises with minimum weight, let’s say 10KG. Or go to beginners’ classes for the first two weeks. Small steps, mean small wins that build confidence and help you stick to your schedule.


2. Remember how good it makes you feel

Sometimes we focus too much on the effort, than the actual outcome. But we do know, that even during the workout when we feel that it’s too hard, when we finish, we feel amazing. Remember that feeling, when you need something to help you refocus and return to the gym.


3. Set a schedule and stick to it

Your calendar, either on your phone or on paper, is your friend. Schedule your workouts, meals, important meetings, in other words, things you wouldn’t miss. Write them down, pick a time, and don’t cancel. Besides, it’s easy to talk yourself out of something you just thought of doing, but it’s not so easy if it’s written down.


4. Prepare your gym bag

If you want to exercise in the morning but feel that it’s too hard to do so after the Holidays, prepare your gym bag the night before and lay it next to your bed. Once the alarm goes off, you are up and the gym is ready, you might as well go! If you go to the gym after work, place your bag next to your desk. This will act as a good reminder of what you have committed to.


5. Get an exercise buddy

It’s easy to pull out of your workout, the last minute if it’s just yourself. But if your friend is waiting for you to go together, it’s more likely to stick to schedule. An exercise buddy is one of the best motivation techniques and also a more fun way to work out.

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